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Product Line

We want to share our unique method, product line, and expertise with other salon professionals.

The Lash Boutique product line was developed by our owner and founder, Katrina Morozova, and is used on all of our customers in our salon. It’s also sold to other salons, who use it on their own clients. These products reflect Katrina’s extensive experience in eyelash salons as well as eyelash application. She understands what aspects are essential in an excellent eyelash product line, including ensuring that eyelashes are long-wearing, natural-looking, full, and comfortable for clients.

After years of research, which resulted in thousands of satisfied clients, Katrina wants share her unique method, product line, and expertise with other salon professionals. As a business owner, Katrina was always on the lookout for the latest products directly from the best manufacturers around the world. Katrina has tried countless numbers of brands and products, but was ultimately left dissatisfied -- until she found the solution: coming out with her own product line, one that actually works. Her brand of products is committed to providing safe, beautiful, flawless eyelash extensions to enhance any woman’s natural beauty.

Hand-picked Products for the Best Results

Katrina hand-picked each and every one of our eyelash extension supplies, both for the salon and for sale. This means you know that the best products come from Lash Boutique – from eyelash extensions to adhesives to tools, each has been tried and tested for quality. For example, when thinking about eyelash adhesives, Katrina understood that Cape Cod’s climate is variable. It can be extremely humid during the summer and cold during the winter, making it hard to work with most adhesives. This meant that the glue she chose had to be of excellent quality and dry quickly. As a result, Lash Boutique’s glue is just that – and it dries in about a second.

Choose Lash Boutique’s Product Line for Expert Application

Lash Boutique sets the bar high with our product line for the entire eyelash extension process. Whether applying lashes for a natural or full look, doing a touch-up/refill, or removing eyelash extensions, our products are perfect for any job. Best of all, all of the products were hand-picked by Katrina and vetted by her extensive experience, education, and knowledge about eyelash extensions. Not only that, but she made sure to choose products that she would be comfortable using in her own salon. This means all of the products are regularly used and trusted by an eyelash expert. Katrina’s choices reflect practical concerns about application as well as how they look and feel.

Trust the Experts at Lash Boutique

When you’re looking to get eyelash extensions, don’t settle for just anyone. Since you’re dealing with the sensitive eye area, you need to put your trust in a professional expert who’s also a licensed esthetician. At Lash Boutique, we are all of those things and more. We provide friendly, courteous, professional service along with absolutely beautiful results. We set a standard for the Cape Cod area with our well-regarded eyelash salon and quality product line. Come visit us, and find out why we have so many repeat customers and loyal clients.

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