Lash Boutique is the leader in eyelash trends and procedures. From eyelash extensions to keratin lash lifts, book your eyelash service today!


Lash Boutique is the leader in eyelash trends and procedures. From eyelash extensions to keratin lash lifts, book your eyelash service today!


The Best Eyelash Extensions in Boston & Cape Cod

Lash Boutique doesn’t just settle for good eyelash extensions. We are the leaders in eyelash trends, application techniques, and styles. Through non-stop education, we are always able to bring our client’s the very best eyelash extensions in Boston and Cape Cod. When you book an appointment, your talented technician will begin with a consultation to get an understanding of your lifestyle and desired eyelash style. We work with our clients to ensure they are getting the most beautiful, natural-looking eyelash extensions possible. Experience the Lash Boutique difference today.

Exclusive eyelash extension techniques that you can’t find anywhere else

We offer 5 types of eyelash extensions: volume 3D-5D extensions, Cat Eye Effect, Eyeliner Effect, Kim K lashes, and Mascara Effect. All provided by the best lash artists in Boston and Cape Cod. 


Highly educated team

Exclusive techniques

Customized length, fullness, and curls

Lasts for weeks

A Glance at Our Eyelash Extensions


Why do some of the prices go $250-$300?

With these sets, our clients have the option to chose if they want their Full Set designed with the Mascara Effect or with our Volume Effect, the Full Sets that offer this choice are sets more focused on the shape of the extensions rather than the fullness. This allows our clients to truly customize their extensions as well as gives our technicians the ability to recommend what would be best for our clients and their natural lashes. The difference in these effects gives your full set a different look in the fullness, lash density, and wispiness, which is why we allow our clients to choose the effect for their desired fullness and look!


*Combo is a mixture of Volume and Mascara Effect; this is done by using Mascara Effect on the inner corner of the clients eyes and Volume Effect on the outer corner to give the clients a natural but full effect in their lashes while being able to have beautiful lashes that aren’t too much for them!


Removals are *REQUIRED* when clients have previous extensions from another salon or from a set done with Lash Boutique but want to book a new Full Set or Half Set.


We have updated our CANCELLATION policy:

When you cancel an appointment 24 hours or less before your appointment, you will be charged 50% of your service fee.

When you cancel your Semi-Permanent Makeup appointment 72 hours or less before your appointment, you will be charged 50% of your service fee.

When you NO-SHOW to your appointment, you will be charged 100% of your service fee.

This is being changed do to having many no-shows and cancellations last minute, thank you for understanding.


Before arriving to your appointment, we ask that our clients CLEAN their lashes with proper cleaning supplies, this will ensure that our technicians won’t have to clean the clients lashes when arriving to their appointment giving the technician more time to fill your lashes. We have these supplies in our salon bathroom if our clients don’t have it at home, if you need to clean them in the salon, we ask that our clients come at least 5 MINUTES EARLY to their appointment to have the time to clean their lashes. We also ask that our clients limit their use of moisturizers and intake of caffeine before their appointment to help with the client’s retention and ability to lay still to give our clients the best results possible.


Learn About All Techniques

Can’t choose which one is the best for you? Don’t worry.
Book a consultation with one of our specialists.


Mascara Effect

Mascara Effect gives the appearance of a flawless mascara application without putting on actual mascara. This technique is also known to be called “Wet Effect”. This application gives your lashes dimension while still being one of our more natural options. This service takes 2 hours to complete.

We don’t offer classic full set of extensions because the extensions tend to be more “stiff” for this desired set. With using thinner lashes but multiple on your natural lash, we are able to get the effect of Mascara. This allows your lashes to feel more comfortable, more natural, while giving you the next level of natural lash extensions.

$ 220

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Volume 3D-5D Set

Volume 3D-5D also know as the Russian Volume Method, is a technique we use to create a flawless 3D effect that gives you a beautiful and full look that still feels comfortable on the eye. This service takes about two hours to complete.

$ 250

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Kim K Lashes

Kim K Lashes is a technique we use to take your lashes to a new level. This option still gives your lashes the fullness of our other sets while includes “spikes” to add my dimension to your lashes. This set will give you a very elegant and wispy look that you will love! This service takes about two hours to complete.

$ 250

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Fox Effect

Fox Effect Lashes gives your eyes the elongated look you’re going for, this effect will drag out your outer eye making it appear lifted! We utilize shorter lashes in the front of your eyes and longer lashes towards the outer corner to give this beautiful effect. This service takes about 2 hours to complete.

$ 250

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Light Set

A Half Set of Lashes is the most natural set we offer! You are able to get longer and fuller lashes without having to commit to a full set! We created this set of lashes for individuals who want natural but beautiful lashes, those who need lashes for a special occasion, and for those unsure of if they want a full set, they are able to try out our half set! Instead of adding an extension to each of our clients natural lashes, we add an extension to every other without making your lashes appear sparse or “worn in”. This set lasts 3-4 weeks and you cannot receive a fill after. This service takes roughly an hour to complete.


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Eyeliner effect

Eyeliner Effect Lashes gives your lashes and eyes the appearance that you are wearing eyeliner! We are able to create this effect by using short and dense lashes throughout your lash line to give this dark and full effect. We use longer lashes towards the outer corner of your eye to give you the “wing” effect and help elongate your eyelid. This set is perfect for our beautiful individuals who love to wear eyeliner often but don’t want to mess up their lashes!
This service takes roughly 2 hours to complete.


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A Keratin Eyelash Lift, or eyelash perm, is the perfect choice for women with naturally long lashes or medium size lashes. It is an innovative lash perm that straightens lashes at the root, creating an aesthetically pleasing effect of lifted, longer, sultry lashes. This treatment provides rapid, more than satisfying results, giving women the chance to flaunt eyelashes that look thicker, healthier, and more alluring.

Bring Your Lashes to Sheer Perfection

Get seductive, natural-looking eyelashes for an instant, truly extraordinary transformation.


Lasts 6-8 weeks

Instant results

Thick. seductive lashes

Healthier eyelashes



Your technician will begin with a consultation to ensure the Keratin Eyelash Lift is right for you. She will walk you through the treatment and provide any after-care instructions. The procedure is very relaxing and allows our clients to unwind during this enjoyable beautification ritual. Clear your mind in a warm and cozy bed while listening to our healing music therapy.

After the keratin lift, we will also tint your lashes to make them look darker. The spectacular results last for 6 to 8 weeks. We are happy to offer the Keratin Eyelash Lift to all of our customers in Boston, Providence, and Cape Cod.



Keratin Eyelash Lift

This is your basic Keratin Eyelash Lift service. We will perm your eyelashes to instantly lift them and provide a magnetic, seductive look. This service takes about 40 minutes to complete. Book your appointment with us and discover the magical touch of the Keratin Lash Lift.

$ 130

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