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Lash Boutique is more than just a place to get eyelashes. We also offer classes for eyelash extension training, certification, and education in Boston, Providence and Cape Cod area . We can teach you how to apply eyelash extensions and everything that goes with it, including styling, safety, and techniques. We have helped staff at many other salons get trained and certified, and they have depended on us for our knowledge, skills, and expertise. We have guided countless people through intensive training in our unique program. At Lash Boutique, we are truly lash experts and can help guide you to success.



Course Benefits

Spend a whole day working one-on-one with one of our experts. Together, you will work on mastering the techniques you need to succeed as an From the basics right up to the trickiest details, our instructors will pass on their expertise and extensive knowledge.


Class Developer

Lash Boutique’s founder and owner, Katrina Morozova, provides instruction and guidance during the entire program. With over 8 years of experience and in-depth knowledge about eyelash extension application and eyelash extension care, she brings a wealth of skill and practical wisdom to the table. Students who learn from Katrina are poised to become experts in their respective eyelash salons.

When you participate in our training program for lash extensions, you will be gaining valuable experience as well as hands-on, guided practice. You’ll learn how to apply all kinds of brands of eyelashes, not just one brand. You’ll also make yourself incredibly marketable as a certified eyelash extension expert. Katrina’s personal guidance and her team in particular helps ensure your future success.

Join us for our classes and find out how to make anyone’s lashes full and beautiful.

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What You will Learn

Once you have completed Lash Boutique’s training program, you can expect to possess in-depth and wide-ranging knowledge about :

Multiply Eyshapes

Tips and tricks You will not be able to get anywhere else

Safety and allergies

Multiply Application technique: Classic&Volume

Settinp up The work place

Basic Care Eyelash Extension 

Eyelash Extension Application

Refils and removal

Preparing Customer for the procedure

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