Group Training

The First Class Session

The first class session is full of foundational information and theory about:

  • what eyelash extensions are and how long do they last,

  • the various health and safety precautions that go with that process (such as allergies and safety against infections),

  • the different types of lashes 

  • the different types of glues/adhesives, ingredients, and more.

During this session you will get a lot of information. Once the theory has been explored, you will get a chance to practice on a live model for a four-hour session immediately following the foundational information.

Your first class includes a kit containing everything you need to practice your eyelash extension skills:

  • glue,

  • a variety of types of eyelashes,

  • eye gel pads, 

  • tweezers,

  • gel remover, primer and a lot more.

It is recommended that students take their kit home and practice between the first and second classes. This way they come back ready to absorb as much information from Katrina as possible, while feeling more confident in their ability.

The Second Class Session

The second class is where things really get hands-on. In this class, you will practice your technique and apply your practical knowledge. This follow-up session is usually 7 hours in length and really goes deep into learning the skill for professional and beautiful eyelash extensions.

During this time, Katrina will be observing and correcting your technique, offering tips and advice that only she could give. She will offer theory about

  • various eye shapes and styling,

  • information and demonstrations for eyelash refills and removal,

  • troubleshooting problems,

  • business building,

  • working on a second model for 4 hours.

This class will teach you everything you need to know about working on real people with precision, safety, and skill. You will find that you’ll learn very quickly during this intensive, lengthy session.

Follow Up Period

After the training sessions, you will have the opportunity to follow up with Katrina and watch her work on real clients. You will choose a day to spend with her in which you will observe

  • her technique for consultations,

  • how she performs eyelash refills,

  • how quickly she works,

  • her techniques for volume lashing,

  • how she creates different styles for different clients. 

After this final session, Katrina and her team will take the next 30 days to keep in touch with you –

  • keeping tabs on your progress,

  • answering any of your questions,

  • being available for any additional support or help you may need.

This type of assistance is rare for any kind of eyelash extension training after the initial classroom instruction is over. Going the extra mile for students in such a way is in line with Katrina’s high standards for excellence when it comes to eyelash extensions.

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