2 Days

Microblading Training

Meet Alexa

Have you met Alexa?


She is one of our microblading instructors with over 6 years of experience.

Not only has she built an explosive career for herself, but she loves passing on her knowledge to others. Her passion can be felt by her clients and her students. 

What makes her classes so unique?

- Skillful leadership
- Hands-on experience
- Maximum of two students per class

Each microblading masterclass is an intensive two-day workshop that includes hands-on training, directly overseen by Alexa. What could be better?

Join Alexa and take your career to the next level. 

Learn from the Best

Results From Alexa

Lash Boutique Academy Difference

Open the door to your new career in permanent makeup and microblading.

What you will learn




With three successful salons that have operated for five years now in Hyannis, and Plymouth MA, we have built an exceptional reputation in the New England area with our training programs and services and we love sharing our microblading secrets that can elevate your skill levels.

Microblading Class


Microblading is applied manually with a specialized hand tool. It inserts pigment into the upper layer of the dermis. This technique is referred to as ‘scratching,' which gives a great, natural looking result, with each individual stroke of ‘hair' visible.




Shading, otherwise known as ombre, is a more filled in look that lasts longer. It creates a soft effect that closely resembles eyebrow powder. Most clients prefer a combination of this technique and ‘hair’ strokes.                                        




*Microblading is divided into two techniques: hair strokes or shading (ombre) . Because each client is different, our microblading classes teach you the pros and cons of each method and when to use them. For this reason, we recommend taking a class for both techniques.

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