Private Mentoring

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to significantly grow your skills.

Here at Lash Boutique, we are offering the chance to work one-on-one with an expert mentor.

Boost your confidence, fine-tune your application skills and leave ready to maximize your business potential. Spend a whole day working one-on-one with our expert mentor Katrina. Together, you will work on mastering the techniques you need to succeed as an extension artist.

With her expert guidance, you will practice all the techniques she has worked so hard to master. From the basics right up to the trickiest details, Katrina will pass on her expertise and extensive knowledge.

What You Will Get From Private Mentoring

You will leave your intensive 8-hour session with advanced skills to help you:

Master high-end techniques including capping and stacking

Improve your artistic design

Perfect your business plan

Increase lash retention

Prevent eye, wrist and hand fatigue

Choose the best products on the market

Access new clients

Learn to give a thorough and professional consultation

Learn about Classic and Volume application

Practice eyelash application in the inner corners

Aquire knowledge of mink, silk, faux mink extensions -
what's the deference and much more...


Get on Your Way to
Becoming an Advanced 

Eyelash Extension Artist Today


Ask Questions, All The Questions!

Take advantage of your private session to ask all those questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. Grill your expert mentor on styling techniques you’ve never quite mastered or those you’ve only dreamed about! When a client asks you for The Kardashian look, can you deliver? We can! How about creating a perfect fan? We’ll show you! Capping, stacking, mixing curls, feathering… you name it and we’ll teach you to perfect it. We’ll help you understand lash weight conversion charts, correction techniques, volume lashing, and much more!


Customized Class 

The wonderful thing about individual private mentoring sessions is that you get to dictate the program. Before your class begins, you will have the opportunity to fill out an in-depth questionnaire so that your expert mentor Katrina can create a customized itinerary to suit your individual needs. This close attention means you get optimal hands-on practice and will leave with maximum confidence.




Flexible, Tailored Learning

Private mentoring sessions are the best choice for artists of all levels. If you are already an advanced artist, working with a master trainer will perfect your skills and push you higher up the ladder of success. If you are a beginner, one-on-one training is the best way to improve quickly so that you can charge more for your skills. Another advantage to private mentoring is that the session is customized to your needs. This means that you get to work on what you want, when you want. Our sessions are tailored to fit your schedule and the areas you need to work on.



Want an Added Bonus? We’ll Come to You!


Additional fees may apply for distances of greater than 2 hours away. Or why not come visit us? Take the opportunity to study at our beautiful eyelash boutique, conveniently located in the heart of Cape Cod. Have a look at what we’re doing in our studio and take some ideas home with your new skills!


We Can’t Wait to Get Started

Tailoring Your Individual Program!



8-hour Private Mentoring Eyelash Extension Session: $1200

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