Eyelash Extension Certification Class Boston 06/18/17, 06/25/17


We offer training sessions and education for eyelash extension certification in a unique program.

This program involves intense sessions the classroom as well as hands-on practice.

With both of these facets, you’ll learn quickly and gain the necessary skills.


Training is set up in a seminar format, with classes every day on a regular schedule, usually over the course of 3 days.


The program focuses on different aspects:

  • classroom sessions, where you will get theory and instruction about eyelash extensions;
  • shadowing sessions, where you will watch an expert work on a real person or client;
  • homework practice sessions, where you will practice skills learned in class on your own time;
  • weekly critique and feedback, with tips and tricks as well as technique corrections from Katrina;
  •  live model work (onsite and offsite), where you will work on a real person and gain important hands-on experience.



Upon class completion all students will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a kit with enough supplies for 20 clients, including:

  • eyelashes
  • glue 
  • tweezers
  • primer
  • microfoam swabs
  • double sided scotch 
  • mirofoam tape
  • gel eye pads
  • lint free eye pads
  • medical tape
  • glue ring


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