Read This Before You Get Mega Volume Lash Extensions

Are you thinking of getting mega volume lash extensions? Before you book your appointment, there are some things you should know to ensure you get the best results possible. Here are some important things to consider before getting mega volume lash extensions. 

What are Mega Volume Lashes?

Mega volume lashes are the latest and more advanced version (read: more dramatic) of volume lash extensions. It is used to create incredibly long, thick, and full lashes. This technique involves applying ultra-thin and light individual eyelash extensions, called fans, to each of your existing lashes. Each fan consists of up to 15 extensions for an overall look that is many times thicker and fuller than a classic set.


What is The Process Like?

Mega volume lash extensions require professional installation from a trained technician. It takes longer to apply than classic or traditional volume lash extensions. Depending on the number of lashes you prefer, the appointment can take anywhere from two to four hours. 

During the process, you’ll need to lie still with your eyes closed for at least 3 hours. Your technician will shampoo your lashes to prepare them for lash application. They will then attach each fan to your natural lashes, applying between one and 15 ultra-light extensions with a diameter of 0.03 to 0.05 mm. These fans, when combined with your natural lashes, create a bold, thick, and super dramatic look.


Are They Safe?

Yes! As long as they’re applied and removed properly by a qualified technician, there is no danger in using mega volume lash extensions. However, in some people, the fast-drying glue may cause allergic reactions. Your technician may need to do a patch test first to know if you are allergic to the lash adhesive.


How Long Will They Last?

With proper care, your mega volume lash extensions can last up to three weeks before needing a fill. Your lash extensions may need to be refreshed as your natural lashes shed and new ones grow. Touch ups can be done by a trained technician.


Can I Wear Mascara With Them?

While you can still wear mascara with your extensions, be careful not to apply too much product as it can cause your extensions to clump together. The best practice is to use a non-clumping and oil-free formula. Also, avoid waterproof mascaras as they are difficult to remove.


How Can I Care for My Mega Volume Lash Extensions?

Caring for your mega volume lashes is essential to maintain the look of your extensions and keep your lashes healthy. We recommend avoiding waterproof mascara, oils and oil-based cleansers, as well as refraining from rubbing or touching your lashes directly. Using a water-soluble cleanser and gentle lash brush daily can help you maintain your beautiful new lashes.


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Mega volume lash extensions are an amazing way to achieve a stunning, thick and long set of lashes. They are perfect for photoshoots and special occasions. While they require a professional installation, when applied and maintained properly, they can provide long-lasting results. If you want to make a bold statement with your lashes, then this may be the perfect look for you! Schedule an appointment for our Volume 3D-5D sets.

15 de March de 2023

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