At Lash Boutique, we specialize in services that enhance your natural beauty. You can expect the highest quality guest care and finest professional grade products available today. We offer a full menu of beauty services that will refresh your look and restore your balance. Here is a taste of some of the services you can take advantage of:

Eyelash Extensions

The Lash Boutique specializes in eyelash extensions. Our expert lash artists conduct thorough consultations with every client to help determine what length, curl, and shape would best suit the client’s eyes, taking into consideration both your style preference and the current health of your natural eyelashes. We offer the best in safety and quality in our products and adhesives, which are manufactured by Lash Boutique. Eyelash extensions are a beautiful way to enhance your own natural beauty and come in a variety of lengths, curls, and colors so that you can have the exact lashes you have dreamed of!

Eyebrow Design

With eyebrow shaping you take your appearance to a new level of beauty. Your eyebrows frame your eyes and influence the entire symmetry of your face.

A well-groomed brow creates the subtle difference that will affect the overall look of your entire face. With the right care and support, you can shape your eyebrows without sacrificing their natural appearance. Our complete brow service offers you an understanding of every step as we shape your eyebrows and help you grow in and maintain your best eyebrow shape. Our makeup artist and eyebrow design specialist are experts in fixing and shaping brows that are uneven, poorly designed, or still growing in.


Allow the deep relaxation achieved in a facial to awaken your senses. From cleansing and soothing to rejuvenating and protecting, you can select from one of our many treatments for every skin type. Our Bioelements products blend the best of science and nature, with natural botanicals, aromatherapies, and pure essential oils, specifically designed for your skin care needs. Unlike ordinary skin care, each Bioelements product is designed to make a major difference in the appearance of your skin. Experience a Bioelements treatment designed just for you!


Keratin Eyelash Lift

Put the eyelash curlers and mascara away! The Keratin Lash Lift is the newest way to semi-permanently curl and darken your lashes. Keratin Lash Lift is a European advanced technique designed to thicken, lift, curl, tint, and strengthen your natural eyelashes, giving your eyes and face an instant lift. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, and is a lower maintenance lash solution for clients, lasting up to 8 weeks! It is the easy, pain-free way to achieve darker, curvier lashes for a healthy and lush look.

Eyebrow Microblading

We specialize in creating custom, natural looking eyebrows to fit your lifestyle. Microblading eyebrows is a form of permanent cosmetic procedure that creates natural, beautiful eyebrows with a handheld microblade. Regardless of the amount of hair present the results are natural, flawless, fuller looking eyebrows. We use an advanced technique and the slimmest Microblade available in the market to create perfectly natural looking, beautiful, thicker eyebrows. With a blend of specialized pigments we will match and blend your natural eyebrow hair color perfectly.  This will give you the most natural realistic look possible.Our eyebrow transformations take just 2-3 hours and last up to 2 years! Imagine waking up every morning to perfect, smudge free eyebrows... that's the beauty of microblading!

Keratin Eyebrow Infusion

Our Keratin Brow Infusion Treatment will bring your eyebrows to sheer perfection. Natural Keratin is infused into each strand of hair to soften, straighten, and shape your brows by redirecting your natural eyebrow growth. The Keratin is used to maximize the diameter of each hair, enhancing the volume and shape of the brows before setting them perfectly in place. This process does not damage the hair, but rather richly nourishes it with anti-oxidants and hydration, promoting healthy growth and leaving your eyebrows looking darker and fuller.

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