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Katrina Morozova

Katrina Morozova, founder and owner of Lash Boutique, began her career working with eyelash extensions more than 12 years ago.  Her training began in Europe, where she learned the perfect application technique for lush, long-lasting, natural extensions. When lash extensions started to really take off in the US, Katrina was the first to offer them to the Cape Cod area.


Clients adore Katrina for her welcoming, kind and thoughtful personality.   She makes every guest who walks through the door feel pampered and special and, when they leave, feeling even more beautiful than when they walked in.  Her skills and knowledge speak for themselves, and clients appreciate her level of professionalism.  Katrina has created salons that focus on each client's individual needs, customing treatments, from lashes to brows to skin, that meet their specific desires.


Years of experience inspired Katrina to begin training others in the application of eyelash extensions.   Already training her own employees to her high standards, she quickly became sought after for training others throughout the area.  


For truly beautiful, expertly applied eyelashes, there is no better place to go than Lash Boutique!   Katrina's exacting standards assure that clients will always see premier lash artists (all certified estheticians) who use a high quality product line. Whether you are looking for  natural & soft or full & dramatic, Lash Boutique can give you the lashes of your dreams!  


Always keeping her finger on the pulse of the beauty industry, Katrina was introduced to the BB Glow Treatment in 2017.  Inspired by BB Glow's potential to give women of all ages glowing, rejuvinated skin without makeup, she went on to train and study the treatment in countries such as Korea, Russia and Australia.  After much trial and error with different techniques and different products, Katrina developed her own unique protocol.  Her specific combination of  several different techniques provided instant, dramatic results after only one treatment, surpassing any other protocols out there.


Due to the great success of BB Glow  among her Lash Boutique clients, Katrina went on to found The BB Glow Academy, bringing her technique and expertise to beauty professionals around the world.  Katrina created a teaching methodology that allows students to learn BB Glow in an online or in-class format.   The comprehensive online course was a fast favorite, offering a way to recieve world class training from the comfort of your own home.  Katrina also traveled to Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and throughout the United States, training more than 1,000 professionals worldwide and making BB Glow Academy the largest BB Glow training academy anywhere.  In addition, BB Glow Academy is the official distributor of BB Glow products all around the world.


Despite her success and demanding schedule, Katrina still works with clients on a daily basis and continues to personally train her staff to ensure they are meeting her high standards.


Always motivated, always learning, Katrina continues to grow as a professional at every opportunity and is dedicated to bringing her clients the best services in the world.

Meet The Team

The staff at Lash Boutique prides themselves on their skill and knowledge. We love what we do, and it shows. Our dedication to making our clients feel pretty, relaxed, and satisfied is second-to-none. We want every single client to walk away from Lash Boutique happy with their decision to get their eyelashes done with us. Our confident, dedicated estheticians make every customer feel that they are in good hands.

Every member of our staff is a trained and licensed esthetician, in addition to the personal training they receive from Katrina. This means they have practical knowledge as well as formal training. We believe this gives our staff the best of both worlds as well as a leg up on other companies. Katrina herself has exacting standards, which means that we only hire the most professional and dedicated lash experts. When you walk into our salon, we will make sure you have a wonderful experience from start to finish.


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