We are the leader in eyelash trends on Cape Cod & Boston area

Lash Boutique offers distinct eyelash extensions services on Cape Cod and Boston.

From classic to dramatic, our lash artists got you covered! 


For a more natural look, classic extensions are perfect. They are lightweight, provide length, and give a subtle volume. If you want something that stands out, try volume extensions for a fuller, thicker look. For a completely unique lashes, try the Fox Effect, Kim K Lashes, and Mascara Effect. All these services are offered in Boston and Cape Cod and will make you look and feel gorgeous.

Exclusive Eyelash Extensions Techniques


Volume Extensions

The Volume 5D, also known as Russian Volume, creates a full, fluffy look that adds volume and length to the natural lashes without appearing heavy or bulky. Our volume lashes can be customized to suit each client’s desired level of drama, with options ranging from a natural-looking enhancement to a more intense, glamorous effect.

Kim K Lashes

Unleash your inner diva with Kim K lashes. This is one of our highly sought techniques that mixes short lashes with long spikes for a mascara-like effect. Combining two different eyelash lengths gives an illusion of fuller or thicker lashes. Show off a more natural yet glamorous look with these unique eyelash extensions.

Cat Eye Effect

Another popular technique exclusive from our salon is the Fox Effect. This style involves applying longer extensions to the outer corners of the eyes, creating a subtle lift and a winged effect that elongates the upper eyelid. The result is a bold, sultry appearance that accentuates the natural shape of the eyes, creating a more elongated and lifted look.

Mascara Effect

If you want more volume and just a subtle hint of drama than classic extensions, mascara effect is the best option. They have thicker base and wispy tips, providing an exciting take on the regular classic. It’s the perfect in-between look when you want something between classic and Russian volume.

Half-Set Lashes

The extensions are only applied to about half or two-thirds of the natural lashes, as opposed to a full set, which applies them to all of the lashes. Half-set eyelash extensions are a great option for those who don’t want a dramatic look, but still want a bit of extra volume and length. The extensions are lightweight and comfortable, and the look is natural and subtle.

Keratin Lash Lift

Be glamorously daring with the Keratin Lash Lift. Our seasoned professionals will instantly lift your lashes, giving you a stunning and seductive look. You’ll be turning heads everywhere you go! In just 40 minutes, you’ll be ready to set the night ablaze with this incredible technique.

Forget the hassles of applying mascara and get the perfect eyelashes with Lash Boutique in Boston & Cape Cod. Contact us today and let our incredible lash artists give you the look you’ve always wanted.

14 de March de 2023

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